"How to Stay Warm and not Break your Bank Account"

Please note: this is a copy of my notes on how to dress for the winter. Experience is your best teacher. Comments and corrections are always welcome. Also, note that until I convert this to use tables, some items will not line up in the proper columns. This page has been tested using Netscape. If you have any problems viewing it with another viewer, please let me know. Thanks.

3 Layer System (TIE)

Transports water AWAY from skin.
Provides bulk of warmth.
Environmental Layer
Keeps Wind/Water/Wain (err, Rain) off of you.


Lo-Tech Hi-Tech
Polyester Turtleneck Thermax
Light Wool shirt
PolyPro (sorta in between)
Heavy Wool Shirt Pile Jacket
Wool Sweater Zip front Thermax
60/40 Jacket Gortex Parka
Any jacket that comes past waist


Wool long johns Thermax
light wool pants Capiline
Heavier wool pants Pile Pants
Running pants Gortex pants Head/Hands/Feet


Wool Cap Thermax hat Earmuffs Scarf


Ski Mittens
poly liners


2 pair wool socks sock liners
Wool Socks
Sandwich bags Vapor Barrier
Mouse Boots Plastic Boots
Leather boots

Let's Compare:

(Goal, warmth at a minimum of cost. Beginner trips only)
Hat Have/gift
Wool shirt $15 Salvation A.
Wool Sweater Have/gift
Jacket Have/gift
Wool Pants $25 Salvation A.
Running Pants $20
Glove Liners $7
Wool Mitts $6
Shells $12
2 pr. Wool Socks Have
Gaitors $12
Mouse Boots Club Provides
Total Cost $97

Money Left over for a beer.

(Goal, warmth, not too costly (under $200), some overnights, harsher
conditions expected.)
Hat (Thermax) $7
Balaclava (silk) $11
Neck Gaitor $7
Polypro top (mid weight) $18
Polypro bottoms (midweight) $18
Side-zip wind pants $40
Glove Liners $7
PolyPro Fleece Glove $7
Shells $30
Sock Liners $4
60/40 jacket $30
Better Gaitors $22
Oher stuff you have. No Cost

Better borry money for food on your first trip. You aren't buying on this trip.

Hi-tech (Goal, could withstand just about anything. Money no object!)
Hat (Thermax) $7
Balaclava (silk) $11 Neck Gaitor $7
Thermax top (mid weight) $30
Thermax bottoms (midweight) $30
Pile Pants $75
Side-zip GoreTex pants $150
Glove "System" $80
Sock Liners $4
GoreTex Jacket $190
Pile Jacket $68
Gaitors $43
Plastic Boots $250

Is it worth it?

Places to Shop:

L.L. Bean: Somewhat Yuppie, but it has some good stuff. They have Federal Express Shipping. And of course who can't resist a midnight run to their store, it's the only time to truly shop there. 1-800-22-4221

Campmor: The quintessential mail order store. Good prices and fast delivery 1-800-526-4784

REI: The grand-daddy of the outdoor companies

EMS: The yuppiest of the bunch but sometimes just what you need in a pinch. There is a location in Crossgates mall.

Cramer's Armory: A local store across the river that has some good sales on polypro and other warm items.

The Mountaineer: Located in Keene Valley in the heart of the Adirondacks, this store has perhaps the most knowledgable salespeople around. Prices for clothing aren't always the best, but they make up for it in service.

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