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Ok, it's still been a long time since I've worked on this page. I figured I might update it a bit.
I mean my own son has a blog and I can't even keep up a webpage.

But it's about time I add SOMETHING to it.


This page seems to have gotten lost, so here's a link. Right now, learn to hard-boil eggs.
This came as a result of a discussion on RPI's chat server Lily in the -food discussion.


Yeah, I'm looking to get back into Consulting. So check me out there.

Patriot Flight

I had the honor of accompanying my grandfather (as well as other members of my family) to visit the WWII Memorial. This was due to the efforts of Patriot Flight (and the efforts of course of my Mom who worked on our end. If you have a few buks to spare, they can use it!

My grandfather, Joseph Latif passed away in his sleep on August 24th, 2010 after a long illness. I can't even begin to describe the impact he had on me. I will always miss him. There are so many questions I wish I had had time to ask him.

I found this video on Youtube. My grandfather only shows up in the final scene showing the prayer, but it shows many others.

Family Photos

I keep getting asked why I don't have more family photos.
Well, partly it's because I don't really feel like publishing all parts of my life all over the Internet.
But it's also as much that I'm lazy.
But, to make folks happy, here are some.

Some photos of a hike in 2001

Summt of Cascade in 2001
Snow drifts along the trail
looking towards the heart of the high peaks

Amtrak and trains

I routinely travel Amtrak, most of my travels take place from Albany to NYC and then from NYC to Philadephia. But I somtimes take the Crescent down to Atlanta. I'm very excited about the current climate for rail.
If you haven't taken Amtrak in awhile, I highly recommend trying them. You can sit, relax, nap, read, use your laptop.

And definitely sign up for their Rewards Program if you ride often. Well worth it. And if you want to sign up, let me know, I can get free points!

PT Boats

This is really a quick "htmlized" version of a paper I wrote in high school. I still need to update it, but figure it's worth the read. For those who aren't familiar with them, PT Boats were 80' of fighting fury. Often called the "Mosquito Fleet" they were deployed all over the world in WWII. My grandfather served on one.

Cave Rescue Course

I've had a long interest in the outdoors and as a result have gotten involved in cave rescues.

I started taking classes in 2003. Here are some pictures .

Here's the start of the NCRC 2003 Website.

I have since become an instructor with the NCRC and am a co-captain of the Albany-Scoharie Cave Rescue Team. But don't call me, call 911 if you need a cave rescue.

ROC Writings

Over the years I've written a number of articles for the RPI Outing Club. Here's a selection of them. I'm adding to this as I find time.

Our Sometimes Web Cam

Web Cam (not usually on.)


A s anyone who knows me, I'm a huge fan of legos. I estimate I have close to 100,000 pieces and I'm always looking to expand the collection. Like many grown adults, I wouldn't say I "play" with them so much as attempt to "model" with them. Currently I have a shelf approximately 20' long and 20" wide. (The 20" is driven by the fact that lego baseplates are 10" wide.) This has a "village" with a store, a couple of small apartments, a hospital, bank, government building, industrial zone and of course a "space center". When I get done, I plan on having a total length of over 40' of baseplates 2 wide. That should be enough to get most of my stuff out of boxes.

Here's a small part of my collection

Here's some more

Visit to KSC in April 2002

While in Florida we made the obligatory trip to KSC. Unfortunately we couldn't schedule it the day of a launch (watched that from Tomorrowland in Walt Disney World). The trip was still worth it. Though the cost is definitely going up.

We have since been back to KSC in 2009 to try to watch STS-127. We never got to see it launch. Photos to follow.

Photos from a long ago snowstorm.



Ok, there are better versions out there, but I like having a quick link to it.

Some random URLs

Flight 405, the Movie

Friend's blog on their solar powered house.

If you need a LEED AP architect in NY, MA or CT check out my dad/

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