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Who am I?

A picture of me at the Grand Canyon
That's me on my third day in the Grand Canyon on my honeymoon.

My name is Greg d. Moore. I'm a 1990 graduate of RPI. My major was life with a minor in Computer Science.

We still live in Troy and run my own consulting business, Green Mountain Software. However, my "day" job (and night job often) is working as the Director of IT for Poweradz.Com LLC a fast growing "dot com" company. We provide tools to the newspaper industry to get their products on line.

Even Bigger news!

Ok, that was great and big news. However, one of the most important things that has ever occurred to me occurred April 10th, 2000. My son was born!

And now back to the old stuff

I originally hail from a small town in northwestern Connecticut called Falls Village and have family in Bennington VT. I'm an avid outdoorsman and an active member of the RPI Outing Club.

As a short plug, I'd like to plug my mom's business, RoseMary's of Vermont. Her shop specializes in the best smoked meats and unique gifts. Check it out sometime. She ships anywhere in the country.

If you like acoustic music, did you know that RPI has the oldest continously operated college coffeehouse in the country? I suggest you check it out. It's called Mother's and it is in the basement of the RPI Student Union next to Ben and Jerry's.

The best part, is that for RPI and Sage students it's free. So, if you're looking for a great place to take a date that won't leave you broke, check out Mother's. At many shows, there are even coupons for free sundae's at Ben and Jerry's.

As of August 25th, 1996 I am now a married man. (Sorry all your adoring fans out there.) My wife is known as Frebyrd.

My thoughts on our Wedding.

We had a lovely honeymoon.

As an anniversary gift to ourselves, we seem to have bought a house for ourselves this year. And no, we're not going to try to top this gift for our second anniversary! :-)

I use the name, Strider, for many reasons. Among them, in no particular order is that I like the qualities the character displays and that I love to hike and walk among the fields, forests, mountains, valleys and more of this good green earth.

Everyone has different reasons for having web pages. Mine started out because I was simply curious about creating one. Now I've decided to focus on topics that I feel that all thinking people should at least consider. As such, some of my links are to the government, because I think a responsible citizen should be aware of what there government is up to, some of my links are to items I've written because I'm just egotisitical enough to think they mean something and should be share, some of my links involve activities I think are important such as the great outdoors and some of my links are to stuff I find just plain interesting or fun.

Currently I am working on learning CSS2, so this page is beginning to incorporate what I know about CSS2.

My thoughts on various topics or
things I think are important

Some I've written, some are links to other pages

I'm a Subaru lover.

A short First Aid Quiz.

Notes on how to Dress for Winter Success

Support Polartec.

For those who doubt the seriousness of ozone depletion or whether or not it is actually occuring, check out this FAQ.

On our honeymoon, we visited (and hiked) the Grand Canyon (yes pictures soon!). This was my 3rd time, Frebyrd's 1st. We can't wait to go back. I would highly suggest going to anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

We traveled by Amtrak on our honeymoon. I can only say good things about them!

And remember, Congress wants to cut money to the National Park Service . We already have Park Rangers living on food stamps. Help protect our national resources!

Keep up on the Government

The Constitution of the United States. (Missing the latest admendment passed concerning congressional payraises.)

Keep tabs on Congress.

Copyright Info

The longer time I spend on the Internet, the more I realize that many people are either ignorant of copyright law, or chose to ignore it. For those of you who are ignorant and want to learn, below I post links to several areas of information on copyrights.

In general, if you didn't write it or otherwise create it, it probably doesn't belong to you and you should get the creators permission before copying it.

There is a lot of misinformation on Copyright Law. Click here to see the actual US Code under Title 17 that covers copyright law.

Want to know the answers to the top ten questions about copyright law?

Want to know more? Read this FAQ.

Outdoor Information

To learn a little about The Outing Club at RPI, of which I'm a member and a leader, click here.

For those interested in intercollegiate outing club activities, please visit the IOCA home page.

Interested in hiking the AT?

Interested in The Outdoors?

Some just plain interesting stuff.

The JPL Space Calendar

A game for those of you looking for some fun: Addventure .

Need to send a fax? (Note, only possible within certain area codes.)

Since I'm a big LEGO fan, here are a few links of interest:

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